holtermann museum experience

From glass plates to digital detail

Come along to experience the Holtermann Museum in Gulgong, a contemporary exhibition that features the incredible UNESCO listed Holtermann Collection of photographs. The photos, originally taken on glass plates, have been digitised, enlarged, mounted on the walls of the galleries and are also accessible on interactive touch screens.

Immerse yourself into the photographic history of Gulgong during the 1870’s gold rush and gain insight into the lives of the men behind the camera and the processes involved in producing these amazing images.

About the Museum

The Gulgong Holtermann Museum is housed in two beautifully restored 1870’s gold rush buildings, now state heritage listed.

Comprising some 350 images, the Gulgong photos taken in 1872, show in minute detail what it is was that made Gulgong different to many of the other Australian goldfields. The photos capture the town from its earliest beginnings following the first discovery of payable gold in April 1870.

The Holtermann Collection of Photographs is a unique cultural and social archive of world significance.

Visite the Holtermann Museum website here.

Event Details

DATE 15th August

TIME 11am

COST $10pp

ADDRESS 123-125 Mayne Street
Gulgong NSW 2852

About Gulgong

Let this historic goldmining town enchant and enrich you. Known for its fascinating museums, this little treasure is steeped in history and gorgeousness – where local passion runs deep.

Step back in time and wander the bent, narrow streets with deep gutters, viewing the the original buildings in this historic town.

Gulgong is a 20-25min drive from Mudgee on the Castlereagh Highway.