shooting the stars

Capture galaxies, star clusters, planets and much more...

Ever looked up in absolute awe at the starry sky above? That’s the feeling that astrophotography ties to capture. Everyone loves to look at images of the universe beyond our planet.

JOIN US with John as our guide – take the opportunity to try your hand at long exposure and shooting star trails, hook your camera up to the star-track rail or if you have a Canon you can fix your camera to the telescope and take some images of deep space – galaxies, nebulae and star clusters!!

Astrophotography can be incredibly easy and inexpensive. There’s a huge amount that you can do with a digital DSLR. Astrophotography requires the same skills as regular photography: visualization, planning, framing experimentation, patience and a little bit of luck.

Astrophotography is a challenging skill but with a little practice, you too can capture the moon, stars and planets.

About Mudgee Observatory

Mudgee Observatory is situated a short 15 minute drive to the west of Mudgee in a location of extremely dark skies away from the town light pollution. Here the night skies can be viewed as they were meant to be viewed.

The Observatory is privately owned and the observatories and buildings were all constructed by John Vetter who has over 45 years of astronomy experience and loves to share his knowledge with others.

A theatre and flat-screen planetarium has several features on the night sky and the sun as well as programs on space missions.

A good variety of telescopes and binoculars are available to use as well as conducted tours of the night sky.


Event Details

DATE 13th August

TIME 5.30pm

COST $20pp

ADDRESS 961 Old Grattai Road, Mudgee NSW 2850

Getting there

Leave Mudgee along Market Street heading west towards Gulgong.

Turn LEFT onto Hill End Road at the Honey Haven intersection.

Follow Hill End Road for approximately 15-16km until you go past “Rosewood Cottage” on your left.

Shortly after you will cross Grattai Creek at the bottom of the Hill.

Turn LEFT onto (the western end) Old Grattai Road as soon as you have crossed the bridge.

Proceed along Old Grattai Road where you will see the Observatory on your RIGHT Hand Side.

NOTE: Do not take the first entry to Old Grattai Road which is shortly after turning onto Hill End Road as the road is unsealed – stay on Hill End Road