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sunrise over the wetlands

JOIN US just before dawn break to capture the sunrise over the Wetlands and surrounding hillside. Meet up with local guide and avid bird photographer Mark Leary who will lead you on a tour of the wetlands for bird spotting and provide some insight about the wetlands and how he captures his stunning images.

Located off Putta Bucca Road just north of Mudgee, this waterbird paradise exhibits a wide range of flora and fauna. Easily accessed with a parking area, it includes an easy 2km walk and two bird hides. This is a recreational area for birdwatching, bicycle riding, fishing and walking. Currently the bird species list for the wetlands is 188, so you should get a chance to get some great pics!

You can view Mark’s images on Flickr here.

About putta bucca wetlands

Putta Bucca Wetlands is a public wildlife reserve, managed by Mid-Western Regional Council in Mudgee. The reserve was opened to the public in 2011, prior to which it was a disused quarry.

The quarry now functions as an oxbow lake (billabong) wetland supporting a highly biodiverse wetland ecosystem. The fluctuating water level, periodic mudflats and abundance of snags and water plants contribute the vital habitat for a high diversity of waterbirds, frogs and fish. Elusive platypi are regularly seen in the Cudgegong River which is the western boarder of the reserve.

Event Details

DATE 15th August

TIME 6am


ADDRESS Putta Bucca Road, Mudgee

Join us for breakfast!

Join us for an Bacon & Egg roll provided by Cudgegong Camera Club to help warm you through. It will also be a great opportunity to mingle with other club members and wildlife enthusiasts.

Getting there

Travel west on Market Street towards Gulgong.

As you are about to leave town near the Cudgegong Motel, turn RIGHT onto Putta Bucca Road (look for the Radio Station on the corner).

Follow Putta Bucca Road over the River Bridge and look for the Wetlands access on your left shortly after crossing bridge.

Follow the signs to the parking area.